Mon, 10/09/2017 - 10:51 -- chiave

I get so confused I’m sure there are others like me,
That toil through life like a sting-less bee.

God gave me eyes to see,
But if I see evil hell is my eternity.

If I hear evil I’m yet doomed with a fate of crying endless tears,
Even though God gave me these ears to hear.

Then God gave me a voice to speak,
But if I speak evil I am cast away as like a child’s game of hide and seek.

So please help me understand?
If you can.

Cause if you are confused too,
You may not know what to say or do.

My body is mine to explore,
But I am limited to it feeling like a controlled whore.

If God was going to give me such gifts,
I wish the limitations had been lift.

I wish I could see-hear-speak how I feel,
Without the discomfort of ill will.

As long as I am true to my love for Him,
How I see-hear-speak should not be a consequences of grim.

Help me understand, am I indeed really free,
And does freedom mean live choices can bully me?