I am Earth, I have been created for over billions of years;

Now the Humans are visiting me; Just for a moment as it appears.

Please! do not make your selves comfortable.

Do not take off your shoes, because I have been betrayed by each and one of you!

First let me ask you a question, why do you hurt me so much?

I have been cut, torn apart, burned, drowned in air pollution and by inhuman acts.

My breath is being taken away, my roots are being pulled out, my skin is boiling from the ozone layer.

My trees, my land of liberty, my globe, my world, my earth…my earth not yours…

See humans are selfish creatures and curious by night. Despite all the warnings not enough has been done am I right.

My land has been destroyed using the destructions of weapons, greenhouse gasses, oil, coal mines, and water misused consumptions.

My forests are dying and I cannot shelter and protect my animal species of all kind, from the smallest micro insect to the largest lion beast and king of the jungle. Animals are being extinct and one day so will humans.

My blue deep sea’s and the furious rivers lies in filth that can last millions upon millions of years in destructions.

The soil that sheltered my Dinosaurs who really loved me, and sadly vanished from here so that your new species can be here.

My best friend is the moon and it too is suffering from the perplexing view;

The moon is being held down and cannot save me because the humans are experimenting with us.

Like an eagle that tears its beak when the time peaks, I shall gain my Earth again.

This poem is about: 
Our world