Dear whoever's listening

Dear whoever's listening,


My name is Mackenzie Weiss, I am a senior at Life high school Waxahachie

and I am in desperate need of scholarship money.


Currently, I fill out 10 scholarship applications a week.

I have already been accepted to

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

in Waxahachie Texas,

and man is it expensive!


I am so excited to get the opportunity to attend,

but it sure is scary to have to face student loans.

I’m trying to do everything that I possibly can to minimize the amount

I have to take out, and I hope that just maybe

I won’t have to take out any.


I want to major in Theatre Education,

I am excited to be able to teach the things that I love to high school students.

Theatre made a huge impact in my life,

nowhere else have I encountered such a family.


Joining theatre gave me an opportunity

to use my voice,

to impact people,

and to bring to life another side of social issues we don't always see.


My first year we performed a play called "To See The Stars,"

and we brought awareness to the unfairness

of what factory girls and immigrants went through,

and what people still go through.


It gave people a deeper understanding

of the issue of immigration.

Theatre gifts people with




and most importantly, a voice.


I want to give that to students,

and to leave an impact on them like my theatre program left on me.



An aspiring student with a lack of funds.

More Specifically,

Mackenzie Weiss