The Bits & Pieces

Whoosh!’‘Crash!’‘Bang!’ The walls came crashing down

Leaving me defenseless; so exposed to the world and the horrors it brought,

Every which way I turned was another lover and ultimately another broken heart

I set out on my own journey, one of self

One in which I may never return; but it was altogether worth it - if I could just find exactly who and what I was.

I met you along this road

Not black and blue but, emotionally bruised; just like I was. You held me close; I held you closer.

You engulfed me in your love; I entangled you into my soul. You were your own Queen; I longed to be your king.

No lust, no infatuation

Genuine desires to be everything you needed. I loaned myself to you

I tried piecing you together with my own sweat, my own blood, my own heart.

No need for returns, ‘causes as long as you were with me, I was made whole

Now a hole is where my heart was, my blood has become poison and my sweat fills my eyes

And I ask, Why ?

Why are you so eager to run away with my Bits and Pieces?