Beauty's Story

Once upon a time, Beauty and the don't really think he loved her do you?

Imagine a human and a beast...Ha! she became the #1 dish during the feast. Her beautiful brown hair and lovely eyes reminded him of the quenn that had made him despised.

Attempting to save her father she took his place instead.

She was told that her father was free to go, but this is what she didn't know: Her father was taken to an underground cellar, there he was put on lever. If he weighed more than

 the goat on the other side, he was to be killed and death was to become his bride.

Unfortunately he weighed more and was tried; and poor Beauty had no knowledge that her father had died.


When the Beast told Beauty to come down to eat, his true desire was to make her his treat.

Now when the wardrobe opened and it said pick a dress, Beauty was pushed inside and put to eternal rest.

She was then taken to the kitchen where Ms. Potts and Chip turned her blood into dip.

Her insides were removed and turned into stew, her fingers became sausages that were quite hard to chew.

The beast haughtily laughed as he saw his dinner before him, then he ordered Lumiere to make the lights go dim.

Rest in peace Maurice and Belle, just know that wicked beast will go to hell!