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Why don't you wanna get to know me? You left me when I needed you most.
4 min 50 sec ago
Dear Rose,  
4 hours 25 min ago
Dear N- You asked me to write you a story To make you the hero
4 hours 55 min ago
Dear Children, I want you to be happy, With that in mind I have two things to say.
5 hours 40 min ago
Dear me, Welcome to life. At this point, you are not in a good place. Everyday is a struggle to find peace.
5 hours 53 min ago
Dear Future Me, I hope you got things figured out/ Maybe got that big 6 figure house/ But have you really grown/
6 hours 6 min ago
Dear Language, You help me:   To describe with words
6 hours 14 min ago
dear love
7 hours 16 min ago
We were scared,
7 hours 24 min ago
My whole life was like a constant match.
7 hours 41 min ago