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A healthy relationship is butterflies of joy and excitement not fear and sadness A healthy relationship
53 min 46 sec ago
My days are busy and my nights are long But here I sit in thought of you. You whom I thought I loved;
58 min 40 sec ago
I'll come over after school We'll sit on the couch and watch our shows You're silly and you make me laugh like a fool
1 hour 47 min ago
We are all born with just one thing the steady beat of our heart, pumping away.
2 hours 9 min ago
2 hours 21 min ago
2 hours 40 min ago
Finding myself smiling at the thought of you, showing me how fun it is doing nothing just us two.
5 hours 16 min ago
I love you, With this Life. You will be my Wife   I will not try, Please, do not cry.
5 hours 18 min ago
I remember the moment as if it were two seconds ago.I was new, but we all were.
7 hours 20 min ago
  once upon a time i found a pure endless precious love..  
7 hours 26 min ago