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1 to 2 I found you 3 to 4 I liked you 5 to 6 I asked you out 7 to 8 I asked you out on a pizza date
21 hours 46 min ago
Dear My Love, Second guessing my hope in us Comes from the misguiding thoughts of others
21 hours 53 min ago
Dear special someone,   Coincidental how we did meet Magically swept off my feet
22 hours 2 min ago
I want you like cream, for the coffee I wake up from, I want you like a dream, I dont want to wake up from,
22 hours 17 min ago
I cannot find you the real you in my memory you have been faded for a while now 
22 hours 37 min ago
Love me unconditionally...
23 hours 8 min ago
Love is love.It cannot be contained;Love is love.It has no boundaries, no laws;
23 hours 18 min ago
Dear Catty, Sometimes I'm still scared Terrified Horified
23 hours 20 min ago
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,  
1 day 1 min ago
    A Change of Me  
1 day 40 min ago