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To the slaves of freedom.
1 day 23 hours ago
     Once upon a time, in a concealed land where no man near to wander,
2 days 11 hours ago
an ocean breeze fills up your senses the seagulls flock overhead inside there is something stirring
2 days 12 hours ago
Hello boys and girls, I want to tell you all a story. Do not worry this isn't long at all and I will be done here shortly.
2 days 16 hours ago
Once upon a time, love was pure And the bounding of two lovers overfilled the world
2 days 16 hours ago
Really, I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting, looking for answers in your fragmented breaths.
2 days 18 hours ago
Killing time. trying to get people to understand me. but they can not. Just like i can not understand them.
2 days 22 hours ago
Why do I still love you If I want to leave you   How can you make me better But so worse  
3 days 6 hours ago
Once upon a time We were close and beautiful Although now drifted apart Out of reach from reality
3 days 21 hours ago
Darkness... Endlessly it spills into eternity.
3 days 21 hours ago