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Your smile isn't brighter than the sun, infact, compared to the stars its a fraction. I won't get lost in your eyes,
12 hours 44 min ago
Because I Love You I give a piece of myself away Each day I put my hopes and dreams to the side
13 hours 57 sec ago
To me Love Makes the world go round
13 hours 16 min ago
  Love is a four lettered word that holds a power over people.
13 hours 17 min ago
This morning I woke up beside him He kissed me ‘till I was awake
13 hours 18 min ago
With all this chaos I believe poetry died..     thinking to my self why does the world have to be so cruel 
13 hours 21 min ago
Why do you feel the need to talk to him if I am here for you? Another text message.. do you not see that it angers me?
13 hours 21 min ago
Being so love-struck, I walked with you Into our new home
13 hours 35 min ago
She asked him why his heart is cold, not warm Because I love you. She asked him why his hands are hard, not soft
13 hours 42 min ago
I was but a floating cloud, sailing the lonely sky. Until she burrowed into me, her the fairest bird, the first that I would find.
13 hours 48 min ago