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Why so fragile and easy to break? Your beauty is always noticed
10 hours 48 min ago
If we could choose only love each time, imagine how phenomenal  the world would be?  
10 hours 51 min ago
all that she is all that you are and yet love is still the greateast answer of it all
10 hours 55 min ago
Brown eyes, dark hair She walks with a pep in her strides though I know she's hurting inside
10 hours 56 min ago
Sometimes I'm a lily I'm steped on and unappreciated  I'm ripped apart in times of despair
10 hours 59 min ago
Life is full of mystery but one thing is ceartin you must be free for all the things in life that go right
10 hours 59 min ago
-I hope he remembers me  And the way my hands used to  caress his chest when we laid in our bed
11 hours 2 min ago
Listen dammit! Our world appears perfect our town with families where everyone knows each others faces.Our televisions shows and movies s
11 hours 36 min ago
My dearest heart,  Why must you constantly trouble me?  Father claims the side of his choosing bears too many strange men, but it shall b
11 hours 47 min ago
If i could go back to the day we met, I would tell you how i felt. but I put that away to hell.
11 hours 57 min ago