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i’ve spent hours on others   i can’t make them do anything
1 day 19 min ago
paper gause pen sword red ink poem  
1 day 25 min ago
you were my sunrise my warm happy day the sky under which children played  and people dreamed
1 day 26 min ago
1 day 31 min ago
metronome heart allegro to affrettando pump  
1 day 36 min ago
i pulled the string loose to slip the knot once a bow   they looked at me
1 day 41 min ago
men do no doubt posses a quiet respectable
1 day 47 min ago
Why do I keep running?                Running back to you. I hate you, I love you, But I really
1 day 48 min ago
selfish i get called that more often than i get called insecure funny
1 day 50 min ago
my breath runs exit sign teeth door lips quick as the realization
1 day 56 min ago