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once upon a time, there was a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples.   once upon a time,
15 hours 52 min ago
I tell myself, "Take it easy, chill out." Don't be so hard on yourself. But I just fill up with doubt
15 hours 57 min ago
If there is any young lass to which people can relate Between the fantasy kingdom and beyond,
16 hours 8 min ago
I once wasn't so Evil you see. I once wanted to be happy and free but it was too late for me,for you see.
16 hours 10 min ago
You claim to be the good guy is that really your role? stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?
16 hours 12 min ago
Long ago there was a boy Who had outgrown nearly every toy His parent's thought him ungrateful
16 hours 23 min ago
Ever since I wore a size 3 in shoes i've always wanted to fly  Like the sprakling BlueJay 
16 hours 23 min ago
 Once upon a time… There were two sisters.
16 hours 30 min ago
A Cold Winter Night  Breath Fogging Up The Air  A Cottage In The Distance  Tired Yet Curious Eyes 
16 hours 45 min ago
Once upon a time -no,
16 hours 48 min ago