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I hope that your happy  To have seen the world
15 hours 7 min ago
Dear Koleen,
15 hours 11 min ago
Dear Anxiety, Are you the reason my life is a mess? Or is it just me, My imagination,
15 hours 26 min ago
dear you,   the year is ending i can feel how cold my hands are as i write this but
15 hours 42 min ago
15 hours 43 min ago
Yesterday I was enjoying myself while running! Impossible! I know right?
15 hours 45 min ago
Lines of white on mirrors The face reflected there is not familiar
15 hours 54 min ago
A lonely pup lays in the street He looks for someone to love him
15 hours 55 min ago
I made a sad, unfortunate mistake It haunts me at night while i lay awake
15 hours 56 min ago
Dear Teddy,
16 hours 7 min ago