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virgin means untainted although i am not innocent this is how
23 hours 51 min ago
People gather around to have funs and laughs. In front of people, a person stands. Zipping all their mouths for quiet.
23 hours 54 min ago
im in the desert you make it rain you are thee oasis   without you im parched starved
23 hours 56 min ago
i think in poems when i see you four lines stanzas that all begin in
1 day 6 min ago
I reach forth underneath and past the stars, trumpets blazing, with just enough strength to sprout beneath the dirt
1 day 10 min ago
texting you straight out of the hospital was like using my one jail call to
1 day 14 min ago
you were my day and night you were balanced everything was as nature intended but your nights got longer
1 day 18 min ago
i don’t even know how many petals are on a sunflower
1 day 18 min ago
i’ve spent hours on others   i can’t make them do anything
1 day 21 min ago
paper gause pen sword red ink poem  
1 day 26 min ago