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​In a dark day,  There was this beautiful girl named May. May was full of aspirations and joy,
13 hours 31 min ago
The boy who was bullied as a kid, the boy who was bullied as a teen, He lives in the shadows hoping to never be seen. 
13 hours 47 min ago
Fetid meat Black holes I can see your insides I can hear The wails of the beyond
13 hours 53 min ago
Greyhound is the grounds of reflection,All these lost souls and broken hearts on the bus I'm catching.Each and everyone weighed down by
14 hours 26 min ago
I wish I were my intestines; they are needed by someone. She is every organ.  
14 hours 28 min ago
Deep in the forest was a cottage ever so sweet, Baked entirely by a sunny and joyful fairy.
14 hours 28 min ago
There was an old woman who lived in her shoes, Just held together by sewings and glues
14 hours 37 min ago
Looking at this view  Even as Christians when we drowning in sin we still don't turn back to you
14 hours 52 min ago
As I look down with my wonderous eye, I wish I could show that world my wonderful sky, 
15 hours 9 min ago
A girl by the name of Aurora  was always bothered while sleeping  the problem is she was never napping
15 hours 28 min ago