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For Luna,
12 hours 58 min ago
   Why is it so hard to live when all you need to do is breath
13 hours 7 min ago
Once upon a time My family and I Went out on a walk To have a nice talk. When we got back
13 hours 8 min ago
Long ago, in a far away land, there lived boys who thought hair gel was great and that axe spray attracted princesses.
13 hours 13 min ago
The night is not more richly colored than the day, the night has no color. The night is devoid of color,
13 hours 14 min ago
I am the knight that saves the princess,  I am the knight that slays the dragon,
13 hours 18 min ago
Once upon a time I didn't want to live in this world anymore  but, I was too afraid to die.  
13 hours 20 min ago
Summer is very mellow With the sun shining and the kids whining Popsickles to get of those frowns up
13 hours 21 min ago
Alive. Alive! The relief and disbelief slowly crept upon her face. Could it be? Has he truly returned? 
13 hours 26 min ago
Once upon a time There was a beautiful peasant
13 hours 28 min ago