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My core is screaming Bleeding a painful, colorful tear Shed to spread What longs to be said
12 hours 29 min ago
Once upon a time A beauty named Belle Fell madly in love With a beast
12 hours 36 min ago
I stare into her eyes and I see her pain. I see the tears welling in the creases of her eyelids,
12 hours 39 min ago
How can we remain positive when every single day that passes seems to take its toll?
12 hours 46 min ago
I saw you todayAnd my heart flipped out of my chestLater that night I couldn't rest.Months after getting over you
12 hours 51 min ago
A fairytale might befor somebeaches in Brazilor for somethe Trevi in Rome
12 hours 54 min ago
his eyes were mine,they held the sea and the sun.making my heart explode 
13 hours 19 min ago
 what if cinderella tuned out to be African American what if that was the reason she was treated like a slave
13 hours 27 min ago
White walls Question my worth because you can then drain my essence through your fingers
13 hours 41 min ago
New and a bit alarming, Were the howls and groans - The ones masked by wolves and violent storms.
13 hours 44 min ago