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DON'T YOU DARE PUT YOUR LIFE IN THEIR HANDS! sometimes they betray you, and they tear you to shreds.
7 hours 13 min ago
Sometimes I call to Jesus for my problem solved Again I go to this church where am spiritual brought
7 hours 21 min ago
I look around and see all the people Who.. Don't see me Don't notice me Don't look up from there phones
7 hours 26 min ago
Dear me, I know you always feel alone, Life hasn't always been easy these days, Everything hurts until the last bone
7 hours 45 min ago
Is there anyone you like? Man, I hate the question, it causes so much affliction.
7 hours 46 min ago
trees are dark and scary but men are tall and hairy. what is a trees favorite number?
7 hours 52 min ago
Maybe your presence did not kill my sorrows Maybe your presence did not make them all magically make disappear
8 hours 2 min ago
1969 Four out of Five Tampa Education ends at Sixteen Marriage at Eighteen
8 hours 2 min ago
I remember the day we met I picked you from the litter and held you
8 hours 5 min ago
Hey you, I see you’ve been feeling rather depressed and your anxiety is spiking up lately
8 hours 10 min ago