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Get yourself an electric fan. Power up, set on HIGH. Choose a hand, either one, Insert into fan.
22 hours 24 min ago
I remember your singing, my favorite sound When suddenly my heart started to pound
22 hours 31 min ago
We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves
22 hours 32 min ago
You ask me what's wrong I always lie I'm not okay But I say I'm fine Questions are pounding
23 hours 25 min ago
Looking at you in the bed Not moving not even your head All the pain your in
1 day 3 sec ago
Cancer is good yoga.  If one desires awareness of the body Whilst twisting into horrid sensate contortions
1 day 53 min ago
You and me are  cool and with  safe mold
1 day 55 min ago
The snow comes down on the grass. The snow doesn’t stop for anybody.
1 day 59 min ago
All above is a great sky and a good world of love and mind 
1 day 1 hour ago
We need a new better world with cooler machines and people we make this world a better place 
1 day 1 hour ago