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I wanna steal your coat when it gets cold. I want your soft hand to hold.
21 hours 45 min ago
All I smell is the fresh air And all I see is the sun bouncing off of your hair You look at me with no care
21 hours 47 min ago
There was a huge beanstalk, sprouting out of the groundSo large and so tall the top couldn't be found The villagers below, their thoughts
21 hours 48 min ago
As the Angel falls, she is caught By beauty and grace, that no one ever thought Who knew Heaven could live on Earth
21 hours 50 min ago
Once upon a time… there was a lean, keen machine who identified as Dr. Facilier.
22 hours 5 min ago
22 hours 40 min ago
Leaving her family all behind seaching for love, so divine. So many obstacles stand in her way;
22 hours 45 min ago
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22 hours 48 min ago
Dear old father,
22 hours 52 min ago
(Aurora) He thinks I’m in slumber. He thinks the evil fairy has pricked my finger.
23 hours 33 min ago