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Mother, she is light. She bounces off tin-foil lakes, soothing tides. She warms the back of my eyes every dawn.
4 hours 23 min ago
A destiny, a change in what we see as the worlds eye another doesn't know there life began this journey
4 hours 25 min ago
You criticize me I'm just a toy A fish to be caught But thrown back again You say I'm the one
4 hours 29 min ago
A child knows no logic
4 hours 46 min ago
Sickly sweet sweat stains my face, As Specters’ kisses dress my lips,
4 hours 47 min ago
4 hours 48 min ago
Out the window the papers fly,Once unified, now torn apart.
4 hours 51 min ago
To Be or Not To Be  
4 hours 53 min ago
Roses are red, I came here to type. Violets are blue, I think this is the wrong poetry format.
4 hours 55 min ago
do you ever wonder what it means to live in the moment a moment that will never return
4 hours 55 min ago