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It sounds like silence like the ringing in my ears  Like the cries of pain and loneliness in the form of a song 
19 hours 33 min ago
morning i awake,  makin money magically, skip class, fuck you, i don't owe shit, 
20 hours 25 min ago
Number one: When you walk through the doors on the first day of your freshman year, don't get too excited.
20 hours 40 min ago
Chan Chan RAN RAN from the          mAn MaN                   With the Jam JAM  
20 hours 59 min ago
I keep my heart locked up in a box Guarded by a dextrous black fox  
20 hours 59 min ago
Plug it in Breathe in deep Let it flow Warm and clear   I burn my skin As I quietly weep
21 hours 10 min ago
Just continue on With strength, power, and resilience Progress and move forward Build your endurance
21 hours 42 min ago
what i've seen  these eyes of mine how they sing they weep with the thought of you the one who broke me
21 hours 52 min ago
The definition love is different for everyone but to me love is meant for everyone
22 hours 4 min ago
  It seems, after all, that Charity Is less about the deservedness of the taker And more about
22 hours 21 min ago