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People say once uopn a... to start a story why because it allows us to wonder while wondering do you dream a dream?
10 hours 12 min ago
Living like this is hard Like im tryin to find my way in the dark Having this is worse then u can imagine
10 hours 13 min ago
Pinnocchio was the first, Geppetto and Geppetta's Happy Accident No one talks about Geppetta that much anymore
10 hours 30 min ago
once upon a time  there waS a boy wiTh a dreAm  who wanted to climb  to be leader of a team 
10 hours 38 min ago
My bare feet crunch on the leaves nestled on a dirt path
10 hours 42 min ago
The Magic Mirror has a secret. He's desperately in love with his Queen.
10 hours 53 min ago
When the message is spoken How many of us really listen? Awareness is everything But, we sadly live in a oblivion
11 hours 6 min ago
Once upon a time... It's how a story should be told But this is different
11 hours 9 min ago
Once upon a time, A beautiful princess Dressed in a bright blue ball gown
11 hours 15 min ago
11 hours 27 min ago