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Another night where sleep decided to delay its arrival. Thoughts swirled in her head like a whirlpool that sucked her to its depths.
9 hours 30 min ago
He said poetry was his first taste of sunlight. I say, his pieces brought mine back.
9 hours 44 min ago
Hi- no, hello! I always wondered if I asked if you came from above, 
10 hours 4 min ago
I have a few questions; I don't understand.
10 hours 26 min ago
Hair. When you weave your hand through Strands It remembers, your name enough until
10 hours 37 min ago
Even though the road hasn't always been clear. Even though there where difficult obstacles to overcome.
11 hours 8 min ago
Dear past interest, I remember how we strode together with the luster on our boots chortling into the wind
11 hours 15 min ago
j Fate is true, yet has the ability to let down, much like a human
11 hours 15 min ago
Dear past interest, I bring on bias when I say this but you stand out such that
11 hours 19 min ago
To the little fire inside,   Hello Dear Friend. It’s me again.
11 hours 34 min ago