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We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves
5 hours 15 min ago
You ask me what's wrong I always lie I'm not okay But I say I'm fine Questions are pounding
6 hours 8 min ago
Looking at you in the bed Not moving not even your head All the pain your in
6 hours 42 min ago
Cancer is good yoga.  If one desires awareness of the body Whilst twisting into horrid sensate contortions
7 hours 36 min ago
You and me are  cool and with  safe mold
7 hours 38 min ago
The snow comes down on the grass. The snow doesn’t stop for anybody.
7 hours 42 min ago
All above is a great sky and a good world of love and mind 
7 hours 49 min ago
We need a new better world with cooler machines and people we make this world a better place 
7 hours 56 min ago
I love mornings it makes me so happy when I wake up I see morning sunshine and a beautiful happy morning you the mornings I love mornings
8 hours 16 min ago
Proverbs 16:6 
8 hours 54 min ago