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I'm like a bottle of soda, I look still & calm until you open me up & have emotions and words rise to the top, being spilt all ov
4 hours 35 min ago
For those who have face discrimination do not continue to be silent.
4 hours 35 min ago
what a disgrace i am what a waste of life i have become what a blasphemous thing i have started what a liar i am
4 hours 39 min ago
Just an avrage girl she always wore a smile  she was cheerful and happy for a short while.
4 hours 42 min ago
You were made the color of oil. So those who strike you will surely be burned.
4 hours 45 min ago
It's happened again Her stomach is aching She gags again The taste of her shame coating her mouth.
5 hours 7 min ago
somewhere far away surviving far past decay is a garden full of the flowers of emotion  
5 hours 24 min ago
Why do people have to bark up your ass  about someone elses problems? i cant understand that. 
5 hours 30 min ago
Taking a step in the right direction Shall be considered a blessing Follow on through with your heart
6 hours 8 min ago
I purposely search for that one seed, the one seed of glorious prestige; only one of a kind will do.
6 hours 30 min ago