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Why do they ignore me   Am I a hairy monster
8 hours 22 min ago
Where do we go Where are we What are we   What is this
8 hours 25 min ago
You found me Lost in a sea Of emotion, of anxiety, of hate
9 hours 32 min ago
I dream of him both often and in color I can almost see his face, just beyond my reach
9 hours 43 min ago
Sometimes I wish I were the wind, Just floating around unpinned, From my past mistakes I now regret,
9 hours 49 min ago
One text. One reply. Two texts. Two replies. Three texts. No replies. No response;
9 hours 51 min ago
I have a deep aching in the pit of my stomach At the center of my soul
9 hours 56 min ago
You’re so beautiful you put all the stars to shame,your aura glows as bright as a lion’s mane,no one can dismiss your intellige
10 hours 29 min ago
Come in, sweet friend! Speak to me in calm whispers as I study the kindness in your heart.
10 hours 30 min ago
things aren’t bad when any malleable silver is my friend   things are bad
10 hours 38 min ago