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Because I love you I say I'm okay when they ask me what's wrong Because I love you
4 hours 56 min ago
Dear Dad,   It has been 15 years since I last saw you Writing this letter brings me to tears
5 hours 16 min ago
Dear anonymous boy,   A fire burns passionately within me, Your loss turned my life into a raging storm,
5 hours 48 min ago
  Hyung,why are you so far away? A thousand miles away, you are.
6 hours 19 min ago
Hello, younger me. You're confused, That much I know.   You're not sure what you like
6 hours 19 min ago
Siempre estoy disponible para ti,Siempre estoy muy disponible para ti, Señor;Siempre estoy muy disponible para ti,
6 hours 36 min ago
Alice’s army, Topsy-turvy, Too pretty to fight. Their skirts flow in the air
6 hours 53 min ago
Dear Love, What’s been on my mind? An eternal pain. A constant pain.
7 hours 32 min ago
Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of bed? You feel you literally cannot get dressed? Like you have no energy to pick up a fork?
8 hours 34 min ago
Dear,         You  My heart is smashed but its not in pieces  I'm sad but I don't feel like crying
9 hours 15 min ago