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Had she thought longer about her life Had she thought longer about her father, Trite Had she only been more wary
3 hours 44 min ago
In a far, far away town lived a girl by the name of Oldina, said to be the fairest one of the all,
3 hours 48 min ago
Psalm 127:2 
3 hours 53 min ago
1. They say I often write on life, And I asked, should I write on kite? I picture my futue within sight,
3 hours 58 min ago
Once upon a time, there was this Beauty and in her town, there was this tuition Beast.
4 hours 1 min ago
1. This life we all live in, Like drunks in an inn, Spewing gibberish and nonsensicals,
4 hours 15 min ago
Proverbs 3:5-6 
4 hours 16 min ago
Red riding hood but with a twist, A boy walking home with skittles in his fist. 
4 hours 56 min ago
Addiction   Can’t be lived with Can’t be lived without Aroused a perfect bottomless sensation
5 hours 44 min ago
Flashing lights We taking this to new heights It is Africa
5 hours 53 min ago