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Dear Love,  I never thought, That I could be visited by you, For many times I was scorned,
1 hour 35 min ago
For my Mom:
1 hour 36 min ago
Drive me down the boulevard Naive New York alternate night Flash artificial lights in my eyes
1 hour 41 min ago
Game has not ended. All of a sudden you are on my mind Once more like a plastic red Hasbro car
1 hour 49 min ago
As a programmer I'm not used to speaking slant But no harm trying
1 hour 52 min ago
I am mixing up my highs and lows , sketched and raspy like the oldies films is it time for  new decade
2 hours 4 min ago
Dear Former Best Friend,   I can’t believe how long it’s been since we last talked.
2 hours 4 min ago
It's impossible for me to love All is now only rust What you told me last December threw away meaning of trust
2 hours 4 min ago
It's like all I want is Game Over but it will never happen it will never end I can control my LIFE cards
2 hours 5 min ago
Dear God,   Sometimes I try to understand your power, But every time you trample me like a flower.
2 hours 7 min ago