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you kids teliing everyone "oh I live life to the gullest becasue I smoke dope and drink every night" that's bullshit.
5 hours 45 min ago
The number five is important because our finger and toes wouldn't be the same without the number five.
6 hours 37 min ago
It lurks in the corner  and hides behind your smile it withdrawals the happiness
6 hours 40 min ago
What if we all  Said what we wanted to say? No fear of reactions No fear of harsh Words ringing in our 
6 hours 49 min ago
Why can't we  Hold the justice system to  The same standards As they  Hold us?
6 hours 59 min ago
Senseless acts of violence Sadly, took away innocent lives Nothing but mass confusion
7 hours 49 min ago
America The Great? America The Beautiful? Where did that go? No happiness no more.
9 hours 44 min ago
There's A Feeling Deep Inside
10 hours 31 min ago
  As I ponder my life under the sea I think of the things that will never be I want to be a part of a world
10 hours 40 min ago
Her heart breaks Every time she watches you fall,
10 hours 45 min ago